The First Few Weeks

As you can tell by my lack of existence in the virtual world, the past few weeks have been busy at Countryside!! We have been gearing up for the fall festival, being commissioned by our home church here in South Carolina, having visitors all the time, helping with homework helpers, passing out flyers in the neighborhood, finishing the soccer and volleyball season and so much more!!!  These have been wonderful times for our family but they have also been difficult times as well. This week I read on another blog that a life lived leaning on the rock is uncomfortable….this is so true. This life is uncomfortable….rough… dirty. This life on the rock means that we are having to become accustomed to being inconvenienced. It means that we need to lean on Jesus in so many ways. Lean on him when others do not understand why we have moved our family here, lean on him when our neighbor has broken our hearts with stories from his childhood, lean on him when the Pastor we love is called to another church and our spirits are down, lean on him when we are tired but there is still so much to do. As Paul said in Philippians 3:12, I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me. This leaning that I am talking about is a work in progress for me!

Some things have been wonderful here in Countryside. I must tell you about the blessings from the past few weeks as well. Our children have adjusted wonderfully. They are not afraid. Abby (our middle child) wanted me to be sure and share that the ice cream truck comes by our house every single Friday and ice cream is only $1!! We are all learning Spanish!! This has been a fun adventure too. I have been able to meet 3 of my neighbors in one week and hope to continue to develop these relationships as well.  One of the girls that goes to AWANA with us each week told me that she wants to talk to me because she asked Jesus into her heart! We have had neighbors go to church with us every Sunday since we moved in. Finally, we were able to see the body of Christ at our community wide Fall Festival. It was amazing to see them love, as Jesus loved, on all our friends and children that we love so deeply.

Our neighbors Grant and Amber Hinson have been missionaries here in Countryside for 3 years. ( They are teaching us so many new things. Training us for this new life on the mission field. Showing us ways to connect that are so natural to them that it makes me doubt myself sometimes! It is a privilege to serve alongside of them. Would you pray for them as they shepherd us? Would you pray for us during these busy ministry times too? Pray for both of our families as we live a life leaning on the rock!!!



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