The Gospel Pumpkin
The Gospel Pumpkin

As you can tell by the title this is not the normal feel good,life is great post. Yes, I do feel good and life is still great but part of serving the Lord with our hearts and lives means that we are willing to be taught,…..chastened, ….molded into his image.  Probably the biggest misconception of missionary families is that they have somehow arrived at some spiritual level that others have not. NOT EXACTLY! Let me share with you guys just a little of what the Lord has been showing me.

I have blogged a little about things that we are having to become accustomed to but none are as great as just the “constantness ” of life here. I don’t think that is a real word but it should be! There are constant needs to be met, and constant people at our home. This can be tiring even though it is exactly what we want as we are trying to meet our neighbors and form relationships.  So, sometimes we try and set a little time that is just for us. Just our family. Halloween night was one of those times. A time set aside to just let loose with the kids and have fun. And then…the phone rang.

Two of the kids that are our close neighbors were calling to see if they could tag along. What was I to say?  I found myself asking God …what about OUR time? What about those promises I made to MY kids. Isn’t every other day good enough? I have to admit that I reluctantly listened to my heart and the Holy spirit and went to pick up our neighbors. Reluctantly, not because I do not love them or that they ever give me any trouble..just my own selfishness was holding me back….this way not MY plan. Wasn’t this supposed to be MY time?? Well, we ALL had a great night!! We came to find out it was their 1st time EVER trick or treating and they all brought home loads of candy!! My kids probably had MORE fun because they were with us! But that is not even the best part.God was about to teach me something big!!

On Saturday, my neighbor was with us again. She says to me “do you know how expensive candy would be for my family in Honduras?” I did not ( but it is not something they would buy). Well, Mrs. Nancy, my brother and I sent a whole box of our candy to my family over there!!!!


Thank you Jesus for teaching me this lesson in being willing to listen to your voice. Thank you for reminding me that NO time belongs to me. It is all yours. My time, my talents, my children, my heart…..all yours , and to be used according to your purpose that I cannot always see. Thank you for this time of conviction for me. May we all approach our decisions with a humble heart that will obey…. even when we don’t like the answer.

Pray for our family as we learn to do just that. Pray for our neighbors I have mentioned and their parents too.Pray that we will be able to fully raise our support so that Jason can become full time at Countryside next year (another thing God has been showing us lately is that he wants more time from him.)Pray about how you could become involved in the ministry here!

Love, Nancy



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