Giving Thanks

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I have now had a few days to reflect on the season of Thanksgiving that has now passed by. This has been nothing short of a wonderful year for our family. We are safe, happy and loved. We are just beginning to see what God’s call on our lives looks like.

This week we were able to be a part of leading our Community Thanksgiving celebration. We have been involved with this celebration before but as missionaries here in Countryside, God allowed us to see it from a whole new angle and boy did he have some new stuff to teach us!!

Leading up to this dinner we were able to see the Body of Christ truly serve and provide as one! It was a beautiful picture of God’s kingdom. I just love how our Father takes a bunch of imperfect sinners and uses them for his glory!!!

And let me tell you this night was GLORIOUS! !

So many volunteers showed up and God’s goodness overflowed! It has a tendency to do that! We can’t keep all that holiness and goodness inside !! I witnessed so many people serving food and loving on our neighbors.Then,youth pastors encouraging their youth to serve others,  children leading others to Christ, a prayer room that stayed full of students and volunteers praying for the service. I saw Grant (our partner in the Connection ministry) preach the Word and have a life forever changed by the Gospel!

But for me …..there was even more. The band (Soul Purpose )sang a new song, popular on the radio that talks about how God is a good good father….and how I am loved by him. Then after months of planning, praying, handing out fliers (getting chased by a dog ) etc… ONE sweet lady decided to make Christ her personal Savior…..ONE. After the service, while talking with Grant he says isn’t it amazing that God would do all of this for one?

And he was right!!! It is totally amazing that he would literally put together an entire community meal to draw ONE more to his side. But, it’s even more amazing to me that he would  do that while privately teaching ME as well. He needed to show Jason and I the value of one. Just how much he cares for that one. Just how much I should care for that one.

Again, I am humbled. I am blessed and I serve a mighty, amazing, powerful GOOD GOOD FATHER❤❤❤






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