Promises and Provision

It has been awhile since I have blogged!! I have to confess that it has been awhile mostly because I knew that this post was going to be a hard one to write. The past few weeks have been filled with praying and tears, and happiness and more praying!! You see, God has been calling us to do things that are not easy. Sometimes to the point of me asking God, are you sure ??? OR do we REALLY have to do THAT God?? Let me share a few of the big things that God has in store for us in the next few weeks.


As many of you know, we have been full time missionaries here in Countryside for months. But, Jason has also been working full time at Lynches River as well. We have known since the first month we moved in here that it was really impossible for him to do both of these things well. God had already been speaking to Jason’s heart that he wanted him to do so much more! He wanted him to be here during the day, not just for a few hours each afternoon. He wants Jason to be a part of Homework Helpers and be here when a neighbor knocks on the door at 10 am. He wants Jason to be able to take our neighbors to doctor’s appointments or the food pantry. He wants to use Grant to teach Jason more about this ministry and The Connection in general……


For months we have told God all the BUTS of this decision. BUT God….Jason REALLY loves his job. I mean its work, but he REALLY, REALLY has enjoyed working there. That job meant so much for our family when he began working there 11 years ago! The guys and ladies that work there truly are like a family to him and he will miss them dearly.

BUT God…. we have not raised all of our monthly support yet. In fact, honestly we have a long way to go.

BUT God…..we have given up so much….cant we just keep this…(in my best whining 4 year old voice)

and lastly, BUT God, we don’t have a concrete plan!!!!!! WE need a plan right??

And still God says it is time for us to go. To climb out of the boat, to head for the promised land, to lay our lives on the altar. God says it is time!! Despite our fears, our failures and even our insecurities. It is time that we relinquish this last piece of our old lives. This week, we will do just that. Jason will complete his last day at Lynches River on Wednesday, AND…we are scared, we have cried many tears, we are just TRUSTING with our whole hearts.


The cool thing is that we are already seeing God move since we have made this decision.

First, I am a homeschool mom. We have this really cool store called The Homeschool Room in Matthews, where you can purchase gently used books. I took the girls the day before Jason resigned from his job. We have decided that this year we would study the lives of missionaries ( we were thinking it could be very helpful in our new lives here). That particular Monday, I grabbed a biography of a missionary I had never heard of. His name was George Müller. Amazingly, George was a missionary that operated orphanages in Bristol England, caring for more than 10,000 orphans during his lifetime and NEVER asking for one penny! At one point in the story of his life, there was no food to feed the orphans for breakfast. Literally NO FOOD!  George took a family friend out to the garden to pray for how God would provide the food, and when they returned a baker showed up. He told George that he could not get him off his mind for the entire night before, he was kept awake all night thinking of George and the orphans! So he got up extra early and he had made a truckload of warm bread for the orphans. Then, a milk truck broke down right outside and needed to unload to be fixed…….George’s faith that God would supply ALL of his needs was exactly the picture that God KNEW we needed to see!


Let me be very transparent here and tell you that this is NOT an easy decision to bring to your parents. You want them to be proud of you and you desire to please them. So, hey Jason is quitting his job, is not exactly easy to say or hear….. BUT IT WAS!!! WE prayed for the right times to tell them and that God would help us get through this. My mother said it best when she simply replied, “God has been preparing my heart for this for a long time now. It is okay and I know he has great plans for ya’ll.”

WHAT??? Thank you Lord for helping my family understand the call that you are leading us to!


For the past two weeks, the Lord has blessed us. He has shown us exactly how HE will provide for us. We have called to pay our utility bill only to be told its already taken care of. We have had friends simply say “Hey we see what you guys are doing, we know that it is important work to the Lord and we are praying about how we can support you. Lastly, we had money saved up that we did not even know about and he revealed this to us only AFTER Jason resigned from his job.

In conclusion, I will say that this is OUR call and that God does not call everyone to do the same thing but I bet that there are MANY people out there that he IS calling to do something scary. Maybe he is calling you and your spouse to be foster parents to children that he LOVES, even though that may be a difficult journey. Maybe he is calling you to work in a ministry with people from a different culture than you. Maybe he is calling you to be a foreign missionary or even just to go on your 1st mission trip. Whatever the call, it begins with you saying YES GOD, you can have control of that part of my life and YES GOD, I will let go of my fears or what others might think. I will trust in the promise that you will never leave or forsake me, and I will just say YES!

I was reminded by friends this week that Moses would have never seen the miracle of the Red Sea parting if he had not led the Israelites out of captivity. Rahab would not have been a part of the lineage of Jesus if she had not helped the Israelite spies. Even Abraham had to agree to sacrifice his own son not knowing how or if God would intervene. Sometimes, following your call takes courage and one giant leap of faith 🙂






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