Life in the Park

The past few weeks….months have been a blur!! There is SO much to do here that we literally serve from sunup to sundown and still have a list a mile long when we get done. Currently, I am blogging and Jason is studying for his seminary classes that he began last week.It is midnight and I am blogging LOL!! God has called us OUT….out from our homes, out from our comfortable lives, out from our comfort zones. And sometimes that walk is more than we want to give, or harder than we thought it would be…..but its God’s walk. It is exactly the walk that HE planned out for us and its a big, busy, beautiful mess that I am so in LOVE with right now. I only wish I were better at making a few minutes to blog more often so that I could share more of what is going on around here each day!!

The Lord has been doing some amazing things here. First, Jason and I have great relationships with the young people here in our neighborhood . However, we truly began praying to meet and form relationships with our adult neighbors. We prayed and God answered!! We have met the sweetest new friends in the past 2 months and we have LOVED watching God work in their homes. He is showing them right now that HE is pursuing them. That He loves them and cares for them and that HE put a witness in this neighborhood just for them!!!Can you pray for these 2 new families in our lives and that we will be able to continue to minister to them ??

All summer we could not wait for Homework Helpers and BOY has that ministry started back with a bang!!! This year we began a new Backyard Bible Club right after HH and we had right at 20 kids stay this week to learn about God’s word!! We were so excited to hear their little voices saying WOW and OH MY GOSH when we told them about the Isrealites escaping Egypt and then this week how Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still. We were also reminded that this is hard ground. It needs much more plowing with the seeds of the Gospel. It needs you,  church, to reach it with God’s love. We are teaching those that truly have not heard sometimes…..I was reminded this week of a few verses in Romans 10:

14 How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?[c] And how are they to hear without someone preaching? 15 And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!

Would you commit to pray that God would continue to send workers for his fields??

And lastly I would like to share about the Hope House!! We have been blessed just to watch this mission unfold right before our eyes. People have been here to pray, sent items, cooked food and even helped with the funding. However, we are realizing that this particular part of ministry is VERY time intensive. We desperately need some help with this. WE are praying that God would maybe send a strong, young, Christian male to live, and serve with our team in the Hope House. Maybe a man going to seminary or someone feeling called to the mission field. Maybe you know someone that would be a perfect fit for this. Pray with us for this!!!

Tonight I am rejoicing for all God has been doing here…..for his protection, and his provision, and mostly for all of you. I know the minute I hit send people will read, share and pray and we cannot survive here without those prayers!! I rejoice for you, church!! I thank God for you all and how you are serving here in our community!! God is up to big things!!!





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