This picture may just look like a cup of coffee. However, this moment… just really spoke to my heart this morning. This is actually a picture of my husband’s  SECOND cup of coffee poured that went cold before he could drink it. You see, this morning one of our neighbors needed him. They had a hard day today that they needed to face. So even though he rose before the sun did, my husband never did get that cup of coffee.

After snapping this picture, I began to think just how much he gives of himself, of his hopes, of his plans, of his life.  This week he celebrated another birthday . I am sure he would say this was one of the biggest years of change in his life!This year I have watched him truly become a man surrendered to God. A man who is SOLD OUT to the Gospel

And because of this,  I have been blessed!! Blessed to watch him figure out his calling , blessed to walk through this with him,Blessed to just spend every day with someone that is desperately seeking after  God and his will for our lives.

I know this year has NOT been easy for Jason. He has always been the sole provider for our family. To walk away from that and begin trusting in his father for provision was difficult. Watching him struggle through what God is calling him to do , watching him share tears and be afraid for our family …. These things are so hard! But I am so thankful for this time in our lives that we get to share together.

So today, my blog is dedicated to Jason. As you can tell, I am beyond proud of my husband! May God grant us MANY more birthdays together … Now excuse me while I go make him a fresh cup 😘😘



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